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Workout Your Heart

I know what you're thinking. This is the one where she gives us that tired old advice of exercising daily.

And while that is essential to heart health (really essential...), I am thinking about working out your heart in another way...    Read more

Why Does the Food Industry Want to Block GMO Label Laws?

An article appeared in Bloomberg Business Week on February 6 that should have us nervous about the future of our food…and asking a lot of questions.

The Coalition for Safe Affordable Food includes twenty-nine members representing companies like PepsiCo, the world’s largest manufacturer of snack food and Monsanto, as well as the National Corn Growers Association, the National Restaurant Association and the American Beverage Association.  Read more

Chocolate Is Good for Our Hearts?

Oh, happy day! Research done by the Cleveland Clinic tells a pretty cool story (and a very happy one for chocolate lovers everywhere). Plant nutrients known as flavonoids, help protect plants and help repair cell damage. When we eat foods rich in these nutrients (fruits and veggies, specifically), we benefit from this ‘antioxidant’ power just like the plants.  Read more

The Beat Goes On…

It’s National Heart Health month! Throw the confetti; start the parade! This is the month where we place the focus on our hearts, keeping them healthy, strong and vital. Wooo-hooooooo! Let’s get this party started!
Oh…wait…isn’t heart disease the leading killer of both men and women? Hasn’t it been so since the 1970’s?  Read more

Just When You Think Monsanto Can’t Be More Subversive

“The motto of the world's largest youth organization is “To Make the Best Better.” This is honored by Monsanto as we are proud to share and support the motto of 6.8 million youth, aged 5-21, who are involved in 4-H programs annually.”  Read more

Happy Christmas!
The parties, the shopping, the decorating, the wrapping, the family, the friends…even the healthy feasts pale in comparison to the true meaning of the season…whatever that is for you. If it’s a spiritual time to reflect, a time to reconnect with family and friends or just a fun chill-out time, we at Christina Cooks wish you a healthy and joyful holiday season.  Read more
Chill ...and Reflect

It’s finally here…Christmas Eve. Time to end the season as it began…chillin.’  Read more

A Holiday Feast Menu

These special times of the year give us a much-needed respite from our hectic daily lives and routines, creating a space for us to relax and rejoice.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of any celebration that doesn’t, in some way, revolve around food and nourishing each other.  This is one of my favorite holiday feasts! Sure, it’s some work but it’s a feast so have fun preparing and enjoying this lovely holiday menu!  Read more

And Did I Mention?

Cook dinner. I don’t think I could emphasize this enough. Want to be healthy, happy, balanced, serene, enthusiastic about life? Cook dinner!

Here’s one of my favorite weeknight dinners!
  Read more

Create an Elegant End to a Holiday Feast

Holiday feasts are oh, so delicious, but they can weigh us down, leaving us lethargic and heavy. Feast away and end on a bit of a high note. This rich, elegant mousse-like pudding will satisfy the chocolate lovers around your table and land lighter on the hips than most holiday desserts.  Read more

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