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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It’s here… it’s upon us… back to school. 

Where did my summer go?  Why didn’t I get to the beach more?  Do I really have to break out my black turtle necks and beret and start speaking German already?  I can no longer retreat into a cloud of denial -- it’s getting darker earlier and I swear it smelled like Fall the other night.

Back in May, I vowed to harvest everything the summer had to offer with reckless abandon.  There were trips I would take, adventures I would find, new restaurants I would stumble upon as I wandered aimlessly through the back streets of ancient cities.   Sunsets and mandolins would proved all the necessary accents for my greatest summer yet.   Yes, I was going to set the world ablaze this summer. A cruise… I would take a cruise with my young(er) fiancée!  I was going to run a 5k for some charitable cause and buy a new bike to tear up those paths in Fairmount Park. 

Ah… that seems so long ago.  I did take that cruise with my über-healthy fiancée.  I even carried her two extra bags full of super-food extracts.  Only when I stood up on the railing in the front of the ship, arms spread wide like Leonard DiCaprio in Titanic,  I slipped and almost fell overboard.  I got a bloody nose in the process -- boy, that’s hot.  I did not buy a new bike.  Instead, I bought a pair of cyclist compression shorts to keep everything tucked like some sort of man girdle.  Instead of running for a charitable cause, I pretty much became one.

Sad to say, I worked more than ever this summer.  I am absolutely exhausted. When I was growing up as young, ambitious New Yorker in the 80’s, exhaustion was a sign of hard work and dedication.  “Efficiency” was an excuse reserved for lazy people who could do more or people from New Jersey.  Back then, I admired the bags under my eyes like they were Louis Vuitton

Now, I just want to find a second to breathe amidst the crush of daily life.  My back goes out every other week.  For me, a bad hair day means I’ve lost even more.  Speaking of hair… if new grey hairs are any indication,  I think I actually aged at an exponential rate.   My man boobs are now worthy of Hugh Heffner’s admiration only I can’t get on his invite list.  I’m on a first-name basis with my proctologist whose eyes get as big as biscuits every time I walk into his office.  I think my feet got flatter, my snoring got louder, and my back got hairier.  I now look forward to napping even while I’m napping. 

Good God, I even downloaded a magnifying app for my iPhone!  Are you kidding me? 

I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not alone.  As I professional writer, I tend to observe people a lot.  That sounds creepy, I know, and it probably is.  Still, I can’t help noticing the rat race is getting faster and more pressurizing.  As a result, my mind is fragmented and my body has followed. If I happen to “accidentally” trip you as you flit past me on your 20-mile run, don’t take it personally.  I still require a hefty dose of resentment from time to time, for I cannot live on miso alone.   And like a good New Yorker (and a good writer), I am going to martyr myself. 

I have thrown myself upon the thorns of life, and now I write about choosing a healthier lifestyle to promotes physical, spiritual, and psychological well being.  Indeed, people all over the globe are opting for a better way of living.  Healthy living is no longer a fringe movement.  People are working hard to improve their overall well being because, in so many ways, that is the really important life work.  As Christina Pirello reminds us so often, so, too, is educating people accordingly.   Those of us with children may well understand that we can raise them to re-evaluate what really matters. Again, this is real life work.

So this month’s articles will focus not just on making the transition from one season to another in healthful fashion, but making a transition in total lifestyle as well.  It seems to me that there is so much more to life than many of people see from within the confines of their daily grind.  Still, I believe every person can continue progressing along their spiritual journey; a healthy body can promote a healthy soul.  I’m not sure you can have one without the other.

So much of the wisdom we bring you this month can make those journeys richer and fuller still.  Enjoy! 


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