Joe Wheeler

Joe Wheeler founded iBeamforLife, a personal nutrition coaching program, to inspire and empower people to change the way they eat and live and find the best in themselves. An entrepreneur and self-proclaimed foodie, Joe has been blazing trails to greater overall health and well-being by drawing upon a number of disciplines that derive strength and renewal from the exploration of the mind, body and spirit. iBeamforLife is the lovechild from his passion to help people take charge of what’s good for them and live longer, happier, healthier lives.

Organics on a Budget - by Joe Wheeler

When I go to the grocery store and see the basic whole foods that are trending, I think of my father, who was born during the Great Depression. He and his seven siblings woke to a pot of beans on the wood stove and came home to a dinner of homemade bread, baked beans and collard greens  or vegetables easily found on the farms they lived and worked on.  Read more

Are Health Drinks Healthy? by Joe Wheeler

I recently tried Kombucha, a fermented tea touting health properties, for the first time and decided that after 30 days of use and research I’d write about my experience. Kombucha goes back thousands of years in Eastern countries such as China and Japan, but I’m one of those Westerners to whom it was brand new.  So, my question in trying something new and healthy in the way of food or drink was how to make an informed decision. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype about something trendy, whether good or bad.  Read more

Redirect Self-Sabotaging Behavior, (re)Discover Yourself - by Joe Wheeler

When the book “Eat, Pray, Love” came out, the meditations it offered on life—layered with humor, wry wit and an intriguing travelogue—contained enough richness and depth that it was a hit with readers because it not only entertained but offered insights into life in modern times. The story shed light, in several ways over a yearlong period, on the pauses we may need to take in order to discover new ways of being, to always be a conscious creator of things in our lives. (Whether Julia Roberts and the movie do those insights justice, well, I will leave that to the reviewers!)  Read more


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