Frances Abrams


Frances Abrams came to macrobiotics several years ago in the hope of curing a chronic illness.  Her present life and work revolves around healthy food, cooking and eating.  She is a food and cooking coach and has worked with women who have weight and food issues.  She is a former teacher and mental health counselor.  She spends her time in Boston and Stockbridge, MA.  She is a recent graduate of the Christina Pirello School of Natural Cooking and Integrative Heatlh.

Food on the Move

I can hardly walk down the street these days without seeing someone eating or drinking along the way. What has happened to our eating habits that we think that it’s acceptable to eat wherever we are? Can we be too busy to be able to sit down for a meal? Has there been a shift in our eating culture that makes it okay to ingest a meal anywhere? People eat 20% of their meals in their cars rather than waiting until they are home and sitting at the kitchen table. Can one eat a healthy diet while on the move? It wouldn’t appear so since one in four Americans eat fast food every day.   Read more

In Praise of Greens

The winter season is over and spring and warmer weather is on the horizon. During the winter months we tend to hibernate indoors but spring usually beckons us to move outside and begin to cleanse our bodies from months of stagnation.   Read more

The "Me" Diet - by Frances Abrams

I hate weight loss diets.  I really dislike what they do to me mentally and emotionally.  I've been on many diets and I have never enjoyed the experience.  They make me feel deprived, depressed, and fatigued.   When I'm dieting, I'm always thinking about food (especially the food I can't have) and my next meal.  It doesn’t feel good to be controlled by food like this.  When I stop obsessing about food, I stop overeating.  Read more

Food, Glorious Food - by Frances Abrams

I was really angry at myself last week for enjoying the aromas of the food court at the mall and fascinated by the way I responded to those smells.  Is there a physiological or psychological trigger in those smells that ignited my olfactory and gustatory senses?  Will I always be affected or influenced by those smells…especially freshly brewed coffee, whose smell l enjoy more than its taste?  Or, will years of not eating those foods eventually make me immune to their allure?  I began to wonder why we eat, not just why we eat fried or greasy foods, but why we eat and when and how we begin to develop our eating patterns.   Read more

Returning to Basics - by Frances Abrams

It upsets me to hear the words “good” and “bad” when we talk about food.  In our society we tend to give what we eat enormous power and control.  I have always believed that judging our weight and our food stems from dieting and the restrictions we impose upon ourselves. When we go on a diet, we are setting ourselves up for failure. It doesn’t matter why we are on a diet.  If we feel we are depriving ourselves, then eating is going to be a struggle.  Read more


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