WELL Educated
The Christina Pirello School of Natural Cooking and Integrative Health Studies 


Christina Pirello
Christina is the Emmy Award-winning host of the national public television series 'Christina Cooks'. On the faculty of The Restaurant School, Christina holds a masters degree in nutrition. Each weekend, in addition to studying with Christina, you'll also study with a team of professionals, personally selected by Christina to work with her in teaching this exciting program.

Patrick Riley
Patrick has been an advocate of natural healthcare since 1978. A graduate of La Salle University in Philadelphia, Patrick pursued studies in macrobiotics shiatsu and related health subjects at the Kushi Institutes in London, England and Boston, MA. Patrick devotes his professional time to consulting with individuals, assisting them in restoring their natural healing ability through the use of diet and common sense living.


Bernardo Merizalde, MD
Dr. Merizalde has been in private medical practice in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania for over twenty years. Bernardo's specialty is neurology with a focus on homeopathy and complementary and alternative medicine. He is also on the staff at Jefferson Hospital's Integrative Health department in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Robert Pirello
In his classes, Christina's husband Robert Pirello will share his knowledge, wisdom, and unique take on health and longevity. A graduate of Northeastern in Boston, Robert pursued macrobiotic studies at the Kushi Institute beginning in 1968, bringing more than 40 years experience in macrobiotics and natural health to the program.

Some thoughts from a graduate:
"I’ve been in numerous holistic health training programs and have studied many alternative health modalities over the past few decades. Some of these trainings were two to four-year programs. Tremendous value, great credentials - and they’ve offered me great opportunities career-wise. Most of them I strived to complete and was happy when I graduated.

But there has been something very different about finishing and letting go of this course of study with Christina and I’ve been trying to figure out for a few weeks now what about this program was really different and why it feels more difficult to let go of (besides loving to eat!)

I’ve come to realize that what Christina’s course offers is truly life-giving and life-saving. Every day of my life now I use what I’ve learned - from cutting my carrots to thinking about how to eat for a certain event. And I weave this nutritional lifestyle information into my practice with clients, students and online readers.

The grief of letting go of this program and the people has been more difficult, I believe, because when we cook amazing, beautiful, live food in the kitchen with one another - no matter who those people are - and we eat together, its like a ceremony, a celebration of creation of amazing love in the form of wholesome healthy delicious food. There is something very special about that!
      - Marilee

All classes held at The Restaurant School
at Walnut Hill College in Philadelphia
4100 & 4207 Walnut Street (FREE PARKING)
(Hotel accommodations available)