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Zucchini Fettuccine with Marinara

The perfect summer alternative to cooked pasta, this raw dish is deeply satisfying and wonderfully cooling on hot days...and easy? Just try it.


1-2 pounds plum tomatoes, quartered
1 cup packed fresh basil leaves, plus sprigs for garnish
1/2 cup dry-packed sun-dried tomatoes, softened in warm water, chopped
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon brown rice syrup
1 shallot, minced
Sea salt
Cracked black pepper
3 zucchini, ends trimmed
1 summer squash, ends trimmed
1 red or orange bell pepper, halved, seeded
8 ounces vegan soy mozzarella
1 cup coarsely chopped hazelnut

Place tomatoes, basil, sun-dried tomatoes, 3 tablespoons oil, brown rice syrup, shallot, salt and pepper to taste and process until mixture resembles a fine salsa. Using a sharp vegetable peeler, pare squash on all sides, creating thin ribbons. Discard soft, seeded centers. 

Using a sharp knife, slice bell pepper into very thin ribbons.Combine squash, zucchini and peppers in a mixing bowl. Stir in "sauce" and adjust seasonings to your taste. Fold in soy cheese and walnuts and stir gently to combine ingredients. Serve garnished with basil sprigs.

Makes 4-5 servings.


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