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Cape Aloe Ferox Bitter Crystals, Tea, Drink and Detox Tablets

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Bitter Crystals

A gentle natural colon cleanser made from the natural aloe in rich bitter yellow sap found in vascular bundles under the epidermis of the indigenous aloe ferox leaf. A natural laxative, high in aloin content with natural antibiotic and anti-fungal properties, can be taken with our Aloe Arthro Detox Tablets. 

Made from the natural bitter (yellow) juice, which is cooked to form the dark brown crystal. 

• Reported uses-Arthritis, rheumatism, gout, chronic constipation, intestinal parasites, tennis elbow, osteoporosis, goiter problems & for detoxifying the liver.


This energizing tea is made from the organic refreshing sun dried skin of Aloe Ferox leaves. It’s rich in antioxidants and will aid the body in relieving acid build up and will boost your energy.  It may also assist the body to digest food intake while relieving the body from: Gas, Acid Buildup and Toxins and preventing them from re-entering the blood stream.


The Alcare Aloe Drink is made from pure juice extracted from the indigenous Aloe ferox, which grows in abundance in the South Africa's Hessequa region. Aloe ferox juice contains soluble dietary fiber - a good source of the much-needed roughage that many modern diets lack.

In addition, the juice contains aloe gel, which soothes the mucous membranes lining the digestive tract and helps with the symptoms of acid indigestion, heartburn, digestive and stomach discomfort as well as irritability of the colon.

Ideal as an energy booster, Aloe ferox juice contains high levels of important metabolic minerals including Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium and is low in Sodium.  Trace elements present include Titanium, Boron, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Silicon and Selenium.

The ultimate, most effective natural colon cleanse product available.  This alcohol free tablet contains ingredients recommended by medical practitioners, dieticians and chemists.  One of the main functions of the Aloe Arthro Detox is to rid the body of excess poisons as it carries out the detoxification process of eliminating encrusted fecal matter that has accumulated over the years


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Cape Aloe Ferox Bitter Crystals, Tea, Drink and Detox Tablets