Alex Dill

Alex is a working writer living in Manhattan’s Lower East Side neighborhood known as Alphabet City. She began her great adventure at age 17, moving to New York to attend Marymount Manhattan College. In 2009 she received a BA in English. That fall she began work on a self created Master’s program at NYU Gallatin, in Gender Studies and Creative Writing. With her MA complete in 2011, she waded into adulthood, cautiously at first but with ever growing momentum. She recently published her first poetry collection, Venn Diagrams, in the very modern digital realm ( She is now an eBook enthusiast, vegan, urban biker, yogi, avid reader and constant day dreamer.

Morning Miso Mantra

Miso soup is not what you think it is. 

It’s not the soup that you get before sushi, kind of cloudy and white, with ever so few scallions and some tofu. It’s not that freeze dried stuff to which you add hot water. It’s not two dollars’ worth of warm liquid.

Miso soup is magic.  Read more


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